Visitor info & call to artists for the ArtSpace at WMRA, Harrisonburg, Va.



Copy and paste the form into an email message with your digital photos.
Email it to: PublicRadioArtSpace(at)Gmail(dot com)

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Public Radio ArtSpace application form for INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS.
(Not the right form? Try Schools or Galleries/Businesses/Co-Ops/Artist Groups.)

Artist Name:__

Artist Website/s:__

Contact Email/s:__

Contact Phone/s:__

Contact Mail Address:__

Are you a full-time student? __

Number of years as an adult artist: __

Artwork Medium (painting, sculpture, mixed, drawing, etc) : __

Notes on artwork
A) Artwork may be for sale, but venue shall have no involvement in sales. Sales, if any, shall be worked out privately between the prospective buyer/s and you. If you would normally collect taxes from artwork sales it is your responsibility to coordinate the matter with the buyer/s; again, the venue shall not get involved with sales. Notify the venue of any sales so that sold item/s may be duly marked. Sold item/s should remain on-site until the end of the exhibit.
B) Artwork shall not be labeled individually but rather may be numbered if desired; if so, please email at least two days before the exhibit a NUMBERED one-page list of names, titles, and prices with your sales contact info which the venue may photocopy and leave in a stack for visitors (and NUMBER your artworks’ reverse sides).
C) All two-dimensional creations on paper intended for exhibit must arrive framed (affordable frames are available at Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Big Lots, and elsewhere) and ready to nail-hang.
D) Canvases and certain wall-pieces may be shown unframed if securely wired to nail-hang.
E) All three-dimensional pieces, (unless large, self-supporting, and stable) must be provided with sufficient stable display stands.
F) Photos submitted and/or taken on-site may be used for publicity and/or archive use by the venue.
G) Venue expects all artwork including items sold to remain on-site for the duration of the exhibit; contact the venue ahead of time to coordinate any temporary removal for any purpose ---a suitable replacement of similar size must be provided.
H) Subject matter must be appropriate for public display in an office setting; venue reserves the right to remove any or all items from exhibit at any time.
I) Exhibit is at one’s “own risk”; venue assumes no responsibility (financial or otherwise) for expenses of transport, or display, or for loss or damage or theft or any other reason.
J) Projects shall be delivered with minimal unpacking by venue necessary; items should arrive unwrapped and unboxed or should be unwrapped by the delivery person upon arrival and stacked safely in the front lobby staging area; items left in boxes etc should be only minimally-wrapped; wrappers/boxes should be removed by the delivery person or shall be stored on-site until the exhibit’s end.
K) At exhibit’s end, the venue shall stack but not wrap/box projects in the front lobby staging area for your removal.
L) Venue may (but is not obligated to) advertise the exhibit on-air and elsewhere at no charge to the artist.
M) Items to be exhibited must be original creations of the artist; no mass-production or “buy-sell” items.
N) Venue reserves the right to group this proposed exhibit with others to exhibit concurrently.
O) There are no application fees or entry fees; being a member or underwriter has no bearing on artwork judging; expenses of artist travel and of artwork transport are the artist’s responsibility.
P) At this time, exhibits are possible only at the facility in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Q) Your primary venue-contact should be by email: PublicRadioArtSpace(at)Gmail(dot com).

Do you understand and agree to notes A through Q above? __

Rough estimate of feet of wall space the artwork you hope to exhibit could fill (in feet please, not inches): __

Blurb explaining very briefly anything special about your exhibit history, your artwork, your techniques, or anything helpful for exhibit publicity: __

Notes (anything else the venue ought to know, mention it here) : __

Attach to this email at least ten relevant sample jpg photos. Attach as many additional photos as you feel you need to convey your intent. Size, dpi, etc are up to you.

Optional but not required: attach documents which could be helpful (artist’s statement, exhibit history and/or artist resume, press list); however please be aware that one’s artwork (not one’s credentials) determine selection.

When complete, email your submission to: PublicRadioArtSpace(at)Gmail(dot com).
Judging may take weeks. If not selected, feel free to reapply later.

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End of form.